27 October 2013 : Giggin again

The album cover photo shoot is finished. A huge thank you to Maddie and Trish for their brilliant, creative thoughts and execution of the plan on a rare clear Hanoi night. And following a few month hiatus I’ve finally started gigging again, doing some solo shows and open mic nights around town. There’s a real vibrant music community here with lots of talented people. I’ve never seen so many really decent acts at an open mic night with the crowd engaged the whole time. There’s not a great amount of venues to play in Hanoi and the scene that would come listen to Freddie McLennan’s music is mostly expats, and there’s actually not a huge expat community here, so opportunities are a bit limited. 

Vietnamese music tastes, particularly in Hanoi, tend to be older style ballads, love songs and sugary pop (obviously that’s a generalization). And tastes and trends move quite slowly in this part of the world as well. I am, however, extremely grateful to have been introduced to youtube karaoke, where you write the name of any song you can think of and give it to the diligent attendant who searches the electronic ether for any karaoke version available and brings it up on the screen in your room. Oh! to be unbound from the shackles of the karaoke song book!! I hope this format sweeps the world.