15 March 2012 : Big men from a small town

So I’ve been playing a bunch of solo gigs around Canberra town and it’s high time to get some fellow musicians to keep me company. It gets lonely on stage. So after a long and grueling audition process that involved several endurance and pastry-baking tests I’d like to introduce you to the bassman, Mr Felix Barbalet, Jonny Rutherford on drums and Ben Irvine on rhythm guitar.  

It’s great to have you along for the ride gentlemen! We’re excited to take the songs we’ve been practising to the extremely discerning crowds of the White Eagle Polish Club very soon, so stay in touch!
So, a bit about these fine upstanding young men. Felix hails from the sleepy shores of Lake Burley Griffen and has a hankering for anything ‘big data’ related. His quiet and unassuming manner belies his devastating skill when he picks up a fretted instrument. Only on the rarest occasion will his facial expressions show any emotion while on stage. Hence, he who has been dubbed ‘the Ice Man’ is a warrior, undeterred by faulty leads, shitty fold-back speakers and cross-dressing hecklers.
Jonnathon (a.k.a. Jonny) grew up on the other side of town near the Murrumbidgee River. And it shows. A nugget-y and feisty character, he’s just as much at home tearing down a conservative or religious person’s contradictory ideologies with wisdom, vast historical and political knowledge, and logical argument, as he is banging a drum. And geezus (not Jesus) can he bang the sh*t out of a drum or two! Hold his glasses and look out, ladies!
And finally, Mr Ben ‘I heard it through the’ Irvine, brings his smooth, stylish, rhythm and cheeky, but dazzling smile to the fray. His love of music and a soulful, sweet melody is only eclipsed by his hankering for home-made, organic yoghurt. Oh, and by dog, does he love a political/ideological discussion too! His dangerous good looks make him a prime candidate for starting his own political movement. Let’s hope we can keep in the band for a while yet.
Welcome aboard lads and can’t wait to get playing with you!